Taking Notes Like Ashley

(Wait, sorry I got to mention something before we start. Jeon Jungkook and his new hair.. Ahhhh 대박! He looks so hot, even though he was hot before lol. <3<3 Sorry I just had to mention it. XD Okay now let’s continue haha lol.)

Hey you!! It’s me, Ashley! It’s been so long since my last blog post. Umm I was just so lazy to do anything since it’s summer, ya know what I mean? Lol. Anyways, I was also busy studying for the SATs and doing summer assignments for school. Ughh boring.. I know but that’s my life. Boring. So like I was saying, while I was studying, an idea popped into my head. Like it’s been a while since I’ve posted, how about I post a “How to take notes”! I’m sure some of you guys are great at this already but I want to show you guys how I take my notes and what materials I use for my notes. (Disclaimer: My notes might not be perfect nor very neat but this is how I take notes. So happy and positive comments please. Thank you!)

Let’s get it! (Comment down in the comments section below if you guys know where I got that from ;))



So this year, I am trying to keep my notes tidy and neat so I can use them in the future. I personally am satisfied with the materials I use so I will gladly share them with you~

fullsizeoutput_3f9Pentel Sharp Automatic Pencil, 0.7mm Lead Size, Blue Barrel, Box of 12 (P207C)

These pencils have never let me down. I used to use the 0.5 and 0.7 mm versions in school. Whether it be for drafting, drawing, or just simple writing, the strokes feel so effortless.


Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 0.3 mm Porous Point Pen 334 - SB10, 10 pack

I use the Staedtler- triplus fineliners. These pens are great for bullet journaling and any precision writing tasks that calls for color. They have lasted much longer than other pens already, and still going strong. The slim, triangular shape, which provides a pleasant grip, is pretty cool too.

fullsizeoutput_3f7Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter - Fine - Mild Fluorescent/Cool Refined/Deep & Warm Color Set

I have to recommend these highlighters from Mildliner. I use these highlighters a lot. Colors don’t bleed through the page (unless you hold the highlighter in one spot or it depends on the paper). But I love that they dual tipped with a wide and a narrow end.

fullsizeoutput_3fbXeno Beyond Style Moomin Character Color Ball Point Pen 0.5 Mm (9 Colors)

Xeno Beyond Style Moomin Character Color Ball Point Pen 0.5 Mm. These pens are sooo adorable~ I nearly write all my notes with these pens. The point is great and thin but the pen stops writing sometimes so it can be a little annoying to use if you are writing a lot… But I like to think of it as a sign. “Ashley, the pen stopped working.. That means you wrote too much, let’s stop.” LOL. So then I take a break and when I get back to it, it starts to write perfectly fine again. haha 🙂

This is all I got for you guys today, I hope you guys enjoyed it! Comment down below if you want to know where to get any of these things and I’ll be happy to do some research to help you beautiful peeps. Also comment down below anything you want (that is positive!) or anything that you want to see in this blog and I’ll think about it!

Anyways, have a great day and I’ll see you later!!


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